May peace be with us…

On the way to Takengon, Ied day 2005, we saw so many children out there with gun toys, almost everywhere in the streets or any visible public places…

In one occassion this conversation was occuredd:

a Child (C): ” I want to be a soldier!…”

Me (M) : “Why?…”

C : “…so that I can protect the weak from the bad people and fight for justice! (half screaming with a self-assured face)”

M :” Ok,… so who are the bad people then?…”

C :” Military people…!”

M :” Military? Do you mean the guerilla?…”

C :” No, the army!…”

M: (speechless)…


…Hope that the legacy of violence and hatred will not become a never ending vicious cycle… never again…

Stop the violence and no more war!
It is E-N-O-U-G-H (sigh)

And…may peace be with us…

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