My self-identity crises

As an immigrant, Sometimes I feel and see my self as an outsider, somehow… I am not going to talk about other people’s feeling or generalizing. This is what I am feeling and what I am experiencing myself. It’s good that I am now learning Norwegian which will make me able to read newspaper, watch movies, chat with people and express my feeling. But still, I have to learn more.

When I decided to move here, I knew that a new chapter in my life has just begun… I have to ‘deconstruct’ my identity and attributes as the previous ‘me’ and adjust it with the new environment where I am belong to now. As a metaphore, I see my self as building the new ‘house of me’ , piece by piece. I have to adjust myself with the people, food, attitude, language, weather etc…etc… The most important of all is to build the room of my self-esteem, achievement, confidence and be just ‘me’.

I remember went to an exhibition on ‘Immigration in Norway’ few months ago. I was strucked when I saw picture of a doll in the beach, laying down as the waves come and go… I saw myself as that doll on the beach. Yes, that’s me…Would the new ‘waves’ that I encounter here will make me stand still, transformed or cast away. only time will tell…


One thought on “My self-identity crises

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